The winds are one of the few constants in Nature. More than ever, renewable energy has become a global priority. Yet the traditional wind energy industry is not responding adequately to the high costs, low yields, long installation lead times and unrealized expectations.

OWESLLC will disrupt the wind industry economic model creating an entirely new, profitable business model for wind energy production, without subsidies. OWESLLC is going to revolutionize the wind energy industry - it's all about engineering!

As we evolve, we will develop this website. You can register by sending us an email to be a member of our insider network and be amongst the first to receive updates about our organization and our partners.

If you are interested in investing in the next generation of wind power technology, please contact Marcia Heronemus-Pate at marcia@owesllc.com .


OWESLLC is built upon the pioneering work of William E. Heronemus. Please click here to learn more about him and his work.